25+ Speakers To Help You Start Over, Start Fresh, and Heal From 2020 Featuring:

Dr. Henry Cloud

Michelle Williams

Sadie and Christian Huff

Huge News: Chandler Moore of Maverick City Music To Lead Worship!

This year we are excited to announce that Chandler Moore from Maverick City Music will be leading worship on the first day of Singled Out! Grab your tickets today so you don't miss this special time of worship together.

Singled Out: A Heart of Dating Conference

25+ Video Sessions To Help You Start Over, Start Fresh, and Heal From 2020.










2020 was SO difficult for a myriad of reasons, and because of that, we wanted to do something that would help you...

Live the best SINGLE year of your life in 2021!

So today we bring to you...
Singled Out: A Heart of Dating Conference
February 6, 2021

We will be bringing back all your favorite things from last conference including live online gatherings and don't worry - if you can't attend live you'll receive unlimited access for a year on-demand! 

Grab your exclusive pass to 20+ video sessions that will get you ready to start 2021 out fresh, whole, healed, and thriving!


Conference Pricing



Your Best Ticket Price Today Includes A BONUS Mailed Copy Of Kait Warman's New Book!

  • Unlimited access to all sessions
  • More than 20 sessions from incredible speakers
  • Chat conversation in each session
  • Mailed Copy of Thank You For Rejecting Me, Kait Warman
  • Exclusive Access to LIVE Q&A Sessions with Speakers from Singled Out

First 100 Ticket Buyers To Receive A Mailed Copy Of J.P. Pokluda's Outdated!

First 5,000 Ticket Buyers To Receive A Mailed Copy Of Kait Warman's Thank You For Rejecting Me!

What's Included in

Singled Out: A Heart of Dating Conference?

Faith-Igniting Sessions

We have gathered together speakers who love God and love to powerfully share wisdom and insight! They are ready to pour into your life as you go through this conference! Grab your notebook and get ready!

Practical  Teaching

Each of our speakers were handpicked because we wanted you to not only have powerful, uplifting messages, but also get specific answers to a variety of questions you have! These speakers are holding nothing back!

Connection with Others

Conferences are meant to be a time to connect with others and we want to provide that as well! We offer chat boards on each session. In addition, we are supporting churches who want to do this together.

Unlimited Streaming

Don’t have any time? No problem! All sessions will be available on-demand so you can set your own schedule and pace. With your registration you get unlimited access for a full year. 

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Kait Warman

Sadie and Christian Huff

Chad Veach

Lisa Bevere

Dr. Henry Cloud

Jamal and Natasha Miller

Jenn Johnson

Jon Tyson

Dharius Daniels

Alec Bevere

Michelle Williams

AJ Sherrill

Garrett Perkins

Mac and Kenz (Delight Minisries)

Marian Jordan Ellis

A.D. "Lumkile" Thomason

Dr. Juli Slattery

Jamie Grace

Kat Harris

Kayla Stoecklein

Meredith Foster

Minaa B.

Abi Stumvoll

Stephanie May Wilson

Elyse Murphy

Jessi Afshin

Debra Fileta

We are going to talk about...

Sex, God, and Everything In Between

Living Your Best Single Life

Tools for Spiritual Formation

Putting Yourself Out There in 2021

Healing after Trauma, Heartbreak, and Rejection

What they said last time...

“I am so excited about this conference! Covid has put such a damper on my dating life as a single person who recently moved to a new area and I am looking forward to some positive teaching during this time when singleness is harder than ever.”
"WOOHOO! I am here for this conference. THANK YOU FOR THIS! Also definitely sharing with all my friends, we need this, such a blessing."
"I grew up without my dad. As a man, I would love to learn how to be good at relationships. Thank you for this!"
"Yes! So excited for this God is so much bigger than COVID-19 and because of this He is allowing your reach to be expanded. Will be signing up for the early bird price and watching from South Africa!"

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